This release is an example of simple and workable mentalism material.
Neal Scryer

Price: $35

You want to perform in casual/social situations but you dont have your props or gimmicks
You want to predict thoughts anytime, anywhere
You want to have structured methods and routines for your professional work that are simple to do and pack VERY flat

Welcome to "Anywhere Predictions", a compendium of my strategies, methods and ideas to be an human with apparent prophetic abilities for casual and professional performances of Mentalism.

Table of Content

1. Impromptu Prediction: The original handling, the one that starts the journey of being a prophet anytime with simple props.
2. Impromptu Prediction 2.0: The next step. Just business cards, a normal pen and your own charisma.
3. Impromptu Prediction 2.1: A different handling of Impromptu Prediction 2.0 that will allow a nice image to remember for your participant and audience.
4. Impromptu Prediction 3.0: The latest version released. Bold and ultra practical.
5. Precognitive Coinage: Based on the “Impromptu Prediction” philosophy, a method to predict anything on a borrowed coin
6. Themes for Impromptu Predictions: Several interesting presentational themes for you to try!

If you are looking for strong workable mentalism that has been tried and tested in the real world, then look no further!.You will not be disappointed
Michael Murray

Just finished to read and I really enjoy this.
I know Pablo's work and everytime he surprise me, this time he has written great routines that will give you the chance to hand out your business card in the perfect way!
I Highly suggest you to check this out!
Luca Volpe

I enjoyed reading through this practical idea.
Impromptu, on the spot, clever and genius!
Everything is covered and I can see my self using this idea on my routines.
Nicely done Amira !

There are a lot of nice ideas and subtleties here. Good thinking backed up with good routines
Greg Arce

Pablo does a great job (again!) explaining a true impromptu miracle!
He takes a classic technique and adds some great subtleties to make it even more deceptive.
This is a great tool for any mentalist's impromptu arsenal...and for such a low price you can't pass it up.
Paul Carnazzo

This is great work, once again.
First I have to say I like business card effects anyway,but this is much more than that!
It pieces together a number of classic concepts in a way that makes you wonder "Why aren't I already doing this?" You get the pieces and the glue that bonds them. 
It's a "real worker" from a real worker. Very nice!
Reg Blackwood

Just tried this on a rather astute observer here in Colombia and they
yelled out "Hijuep***!".
Just the “Cap Subtlety” worth the price of the book
Great work Pablo.
Mauricio Jaramillo

I am afraid that Pablo`s idea will be THE solution for the classic effect. I will exclusively use this from now
Stefan Olschewski

"Pablo weaves an elegant tapestry of technique and progressive thinking into his routines. All this he doeswith an eye toward, and acknowledgment of, the deep rich past
we all stand upon. Kudos, Pablo!"
Tom Cutts

A really clever routine that does just need pen and cards, this is something to fire the imagination. There are a lot of ideas provided for the physical handling and you could indeed mix and match certain moves to your taste, kind of like an open-ended methodology.
Gerard Grey

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